Today, only 17% of Pennsylvania’s K-12 funding goes through the updated Fair Funding Formula. We need to fully implement the formula to eliminate an unjust system that has been proven to be harmful to our children’s education and largely benefits wealthier zip codes. For far too long, our students have suffered because of an unfair system that relies on property taxes to fund schools. My experience working with teachers, students, and school administrators gives me the necessary insight into how to make these changes a reality.

The Level Up Initiative provides much needed relief to the 100 poorest school districts in Pennsylvania. It is my priority to continue to advocate for the most vulnerable students by ensuring they have the resources needed to succeed. Pennsylvania has a bipartisan formula that equitably funds school districts across the state, but we don’t fund the formula, and this leads to a lack of education funding from the state. I’ve seen the effects of this firsthand—and the pandemic has brought to light many of these inequities. Now more than ever, the children of Pennsylvania need these support services.


As a Senator, I’ll fight to strengthen our economy. Pennsylvanians deserve leadership in Harrisburg that has their economic interests at heart. The pandemic and other factors have made it more difficult for families to make ends meet and we can do more to keep money in Pennsylvanians’ wallets. 

I’ll support policies that will strengthen existing businesses in Pennsylvania and attract new economic opportunities to the Commonwealth. I’ll also support initiatives that will revitalize neighborhoods with aging infrastructure and blighted properties, opening up those areas for economic development and success. 

As a small business owner, I’ll fight to support small businesses across the Commonwealth. The Lehigh Valley has a strong small business community that I will work with to meet their needs.

Women’s Rights

Government should never interfere with an individual’s right to choose what is best for them, their body, and their families. Access to all healthcare services—including reproductive services—is essential to ensure equity. I will oppose any attempts to eliminate the right to choose and will combat legislation that attempts to restrict reproductive healthcare.


Article I, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution guarantees the right to clean air and pure water for all Pennsylvanians. As a leader in Harrisburg, I’ll support policies that further our constitutional obligation to preserve our environment. I grew up playing football in the parks around Allentown and future generations deserve the same opportunity to have healthy spaces to play outside.

I’ll also support investments to improve our aging infrastructure systems to ensure the health and wellness of every Pennsylvanian.


States across America have recently introduced cruel legislation that explicitly targets the LGBTQIA+ community. Republicans in Harrisburg have joined the trend of pushing these harmful policies. As Senator, I’ll fight back against these attacks and stand up for Pennsylvania’s LGBTQIA+ community.