Elect Nick Miller for Pennsylvania State Senate


Investing in our education system and in our small businesses is an investment in the future of Pennsylvania. Our state must do more to fairly fund our education system, prepare the workforce of tomorrow, and give local property owners tax relief.

My finance background, work with small businesses, and experience on the Allentown School Board have prepared me to advocate for these issues in Harrisburg.

On the Issues:


We need to fully implement the updated fair funding formula to 100% of the state education dollars. This will eliminate an unjust funding system that has been proven to be detrimental to our children’s education, and mostly benefits those from wealthier zip codes.


I will fight for economic sustainability in the region, which includes implementing a fair living wage. Public school graduates need access to workforce training and the ability to earn living wages, both of which are on my agenda.

Women’s Rights

I will work to protect reproductive rights and will advocate for paid family leave. Parents should never have to choose between maintaining their source of income and taking care of their children, elderly family members, or others unable to care for themselves.

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